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Pubs in Goa

Well-known for its low-priced and easy availability of alcoholic drinks, visitors to Goa are surprised by the multifarious pubs in Goa. Right from low-end to high-end pubs, tourists have the elbow-room to choose among the booming range of venues to sit, drink and have fun. Here are some of the pubs that stand out more than the others:

1. Tito's Club


Tito’s is one of the most credible and famed clubs in the whole of Goa, having an entire lane named after them and positioned right on the threshold of the Baga beach. It plays commercial house as well as Bollywood music. Goa’s most faddish club and bar, Tito’s tender the ambience of a voguish nightclub with the splendid blend of fun and music.

It is frequently considered as the partying hot-spot of North Goa. For the party-goers, this is the place to be to loosen up and relish in the drinks. Shake a leg on its long terrace or simply watch the boogie and relax over a thirst quencher. Popular as an all-night club where parties go on till the wee hours of the morning, Tito’s Club replenish drinks and snacks along with the DJs playing an idiosyncratic blend of commercial, trance and house music.

2. Kamaki


One step inside Kamaki, the immediate reaction is this is not the typical Goan pub. The ambience is exquisite Greek, and the alluring music is very much foot-tapping. This is one of the most happening whereabouts in the city, that stays open all night; and party here is a never-ending experience.

The bar has everything from Feni to Wine and in food choose from Indian, Continental. And for those who wish to quench their thirst before or after an intense workout, the well-stocked bar renders respite to the dancing shoes. Dance the night away at Kamaki — it is a one-stop point of delectation.

3. Friend’s Pub

Open from the evenings at 5 in the evening till around 1 in the morning; this pub dishes up its guests with some of the cool snacks and bites up for grabs in the state. This pub mixes creative cocktails and is a really pleasant party venue. A happening pub located amidst an array of others at Arambol, this chill-out domicile can be admired by its peculiar music and exceptional standards of service. It is known for peppy and young crowd, which breezes in from all over India to have a great time over sparkling spirits and finger licking good appetizers. If you are a party animal, then visiting this place becomes all the more important as it offers a true partying experience to its guests. Be ready for a great time!

4. Pine Shack


Located at Calangute and Candolim, this Pub is one of its kinds. This pub plays tranquilizing music and renders its guests with beach beds to lie and order cocktails and foods. They also give you the privilege to sleep on the sand and order items, and also have a live barbeque if you want. This pub is as hot as it gets, where the night goes on forever. It has a well-deserved fame as one of the best nightlife zones in Goa, catering to those who dance, drink, or grab a few trendy appetizers and socialize with the crowd. Pine Shack has its own brand of unique charm. In fact, countless visitors just can’t stop gushing about the place. In short, rest assures that a trip to Pine Shack will leave you with a lifetime of fond memories.

5. Down the Road.

Down The Road is all about enchanting music, ever scrumptious food, live performances, karaoke and the never-ending booze! The happening pub renders you with a rejuvenating and awe-inspiring ambiance along with an exquisite array of delectable cuisines which you will love to luxuriate in. This much sought after the restaurant is a favorite, not just among locals and Indian tourists, but foreigners seem to be fond of it as well. Tucked away in the corner of the Old Patto Bridge, this is one of a fascinating pub in Goa. When it comes to decor, the place is done up in lustrous and alluring interiors with a comfortable seating arrangement. If singing and dancing are the things that top on your mind, you will be more than happy to step in at this swanky pub!

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5 countries where you can drive using an Indian license

Driving can be a lot of fun. Road trips are often considered to be the solution to stress, fatigue and even a bad day or phase at work. And when you are travelling abroad, it can be quite exciting to drive on roads and under rules which are different from those in your own country.
But not all countries allow you to drive with an Indian license. So, if you fancy driving on international roads, and especially if you are going to move to a country for a while, you need to know which countries will allow you to get behind the steering wheel with an Indian license.

United States of America

USA drives on the right side of the road. You can drive around for a year but you will need an I – 94 form. You need to have an English language license and you will also need to acquire the International Driving Permit.


Switzerland is home to some of the most scenic roads passing through stunning landscapes. It drives on the right side of the street. You will need an English language license which will get you a one year driving permit.


Germany will let you drive with an Indian license for only six months after your arrival. You will need to drive on the right side of the street and it is recommended that you have a copy of your license translated in the local language


Like Germany, France too drives on the right side of the street. You should carry a translated copy of your license with you and you can drive for up to a year.


AN English language license along with an International Driving Permit will let you drive in the U.A.E for a year. It drives on the right side of the street.

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Unusual laws around the world

You might want to bear in mind these 9 strange laws next time you're travelling to avoid embarrassment, fines, or worse...!!!

1. Only a licensed electrician is allowed to change a light bulb even in a private residence in Victoria, Australia. If you do go ahead and change that light bulb you will face a stiff AU$10 fine per bulb.


2. Milan in Italy requires every citizen to wear a smile at all times, except during funerals or hospital visits. If arrested for violation, the fine can go upto $100.


3. In Hong Kong, it is legal for a wife to kill her husband if she finds him cheating. However, she must kill him with her bare hands.


4. In Florida, it is illegal for a divorced or a widowed woman to skydive on a Sunday afternoon.


5. Flushing the toilet after 10pm in an apartment building is illegal in Switzerland. The Government consider it noise pollution.


6. In Iowa, it is illegal for a man with a moustache to kiss a woman in public.


7. Feed the pigeons in San Francisco and you can face a hearty fine!


8. Groups of three people or more are not allowed to sing, drink, dance, or eat in the streets of Rome, lest they want to face a €500 fine!


9. Eraclea has declared it illegal to build sandcastles on the beach!


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